dear andreas

as i am an example of 'curator artist' i faced and processed this  
issue. i did not find an universal formula, and i can't recommend one.

i made an [totalitarian :) ] decision not to show my artworks in gray)  
(area . space of contemporary and media art, that i am running in  
korcula. in other hand, if my artwork "fits into a specific project or  
conceptual framework" i have no problem including it, as i did (only)  
twice until now. i find that it is a matter of taste and personal  
balance, that anyone suppose to find for him/herself, i guess

i noticed certain 'curator artist' (as peter weibel, for example) that  
including their works in many exhibitions they curate and this tell  
me, at personal and subjective level that they are out of this balance.



On Dec 22, 2008, at 1:27 PM, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

> friends, a question:
> it sometimes happens that artists work as curators; it also  
> occasionally happens that these curator artists choose their own  
> artistic work for their exhibitions or programmes.
> in my view, this looks bad and should not happen, i personally  
> wished that there was a 'code of conduct for curatorial work' that  
> said: 'if you curate a project, you don't select your own work for  
> it (not even if you are a member of a curatorial team'.
> i know that some practising artists (who also curate) see this  
> differently, for them there is no ethical problem in selecting their  
> own work if it fits into a specific project or conceptual framework.
> what do people think about this?
> regards,
> -a