I understand what you mean but sometimes it works out great. Peter  
Weibel shows his own work very often, sometimes it feels right  
sometimes it's a bit strange.

but recently I saw one exhibition that was very very interesting  
where an artist, Imogen Stidworthy, showed her own work. it was  
curated together with a 'real' curator (Edwin Carels)
here it made a lot of sense, one of the best exhibitions I saw this year

DIE LUCKY BUSH began as an invitation to Imogen Sidworthy to make an  
exhibition with several of her works. Stidworthy took this as an  
opportunity to develop a group exhibition, taking her work I Hate  
(2007) as a starting point. She has invited many artists to  
participate with art works that reflect, more and less directly,  
notions of language and its borders. 

for the moment there is an exhibition in Paris Palais de Tokyo  
curated by Jeremy Deller, I wasn't impressed by everything but there  
was one part of the exhibition (where he looks at the relation  
between the Industrial Revolution and the appearance of glam rock in  
England) that was really good.

I guess I don't always have a  problem with it.

all the best,

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Op 22-dec-08, om 13:27 heeft Andreas Broeckmann het volgende geschreven:

> friends, a question:
> it sometimes happens that artists work as curators; it also  
> occasionally happens that these curator artists choose their own  
> artistic work for their exhibitions or programmes.
> in my view, this looks bad and should not happen, i personally  
> wished that there was a 'code of conduct for curatorial work' that  
> said: 'if you curate a project, you don't select your own work for  
> it (not even if you are a member of a curatorial team'.
> i know that some practising artists (who also curate) see this  
> differently, for them there is no ethical problem in selecting  
> their own work if it fits into a specific project or conceptual  
> framework.
> what do people think about this?
> regards,
> -a