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> BTW last Wednesday I got up to the BL and actually got out Cristogonis 
Henriquez' Menologion Cist. of 1620. Huge folio, a bit frail, splendid 
binding, metal clasps, the lot. (It had the info. I needed too.) So thanks 


i meant to ask you to look and see if he has anything to say about Prince
Henry of France, son of Louis VI, younger bro. of Louis the Kid, converted to
Clairvaux by Bernie in 1146, after three years Bishop of Beauvais, then AB of
Reims till his death in the early '70s, whose quite extensive correspondance
with Alex 3 survives in a single late c. 12 manuscript which i'm playing with
the idea may have been assembled with a view to trying him out for Sainthood
Status, so he might just have made it into a Menologionist-type collection.

well, maybe someone has access to the '50s reprint of the thing?


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