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> Thanks for the not entirely reassuring information. All my sympathy, 
> Katie. It is not at all nice, to have one's name taken in vain, but at 
> least it is relevant to our scholarly interests: it sounds like good old 
> diabolic possession. Exorcism, anyone?
> BF

Alternately (just to get us back into medieval religion), we could always 
fall back on St. Isidore (proposed patron saint of Internet users), Hugh 
Damascene (patron saint of computer owners), or Bishop Schereschewsky 
(possible list saint), as previous discussed below.


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>On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Roger Wright wrote:
>> Late Antique specialists will be interested in the following information
>> (courtesy of the Mediber list): it is (apparently) true -
>> >There was a note in the paper
>> >the other day about the Vatican having been persuaded to consider
>> >seriously making St Isidore patron saint of the Internet to honour his
>> >pioneering work creating data-bases...

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>         I thought  Hugh Damascene was patron saint of computer owners. . . 
> .

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>(snip, snip)
>... I will come out of hiding to mention the person commemorated
>tomorrow, October 15th., in the Episcopal Calendar. This is Samuel
>Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky, Bishop of Shanghai, 1906.  He was a
>Lithuanian Jew who was converted to Christianity and emigrated to the
>United States to study for the Presbyterian ministry. After two years
>he became an Episcopalian and went to General Seminary. After he was
>ordained he became a missionary priest in China. He translated the
>Bible into a number Chinese dialects and was later consecrated Bishop
>of Shanghai.  Shortly after this, however, he had a stroke which left
>him palalyzed except for the middle finger of his left hand.
>Determined that this minor inconvenience should not interfere with
>his translation work, he spent the next several decades typing
>thousands and thousands of pages of Chinese with one finger in order
>to complete his life's work.  In the 1890's he wrote: "I have been
>sitting in this chair now for twenty years.  At first it seemed hard
>..."  Because he spent decades sitting in front of a keyboard, a
>number of Anglican groups have made him a kind of unofficial Patron
>Saint of the Internet.  Perhaps he should be the patron saint of our
>list too.

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