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Many of you will remember the highly successful JISC Innovating eLearning online conference earlier in the month where Tom Hamilton from InQbate (The CETL in Creativity University of Sussex), and myself presented on the subject of building design. It has become clear that there is an emerging need for informed discussion on physical building design and coherent eLearning implementation within design teams planning or implementing new buildings in both the FE and HE sectors. With this in mind and emerging requirements from Principals and project sponsors to share information with one another a


‘Building the future’ new build forum list


has been set up for Principals and new build sponsors. If you know of any new build sponsors in your institution that would value becoming a member of the list please can you let them know of this new forum so that I can set them up on it. We are obviously particularly (but not exclusively) trying to encourage members with an eLearning background as these are currently under represented within the existing membership.


The criteria for membership is that members will be Project Sponsors for their college/institution or Principals (or equivalents in HE/Schools). To encourage the experience and good practice sharing members do not have to be undertaking a new build right now but could have done so in the recent past (and being prepared to share experience with others), might be designing a new build presently, or planning to do so in the future.


There are no restrictions on the sectors covered although currently membership is almost exclusively Further Education from England. The intention is that the projects will utilise the list to share information of mutual benefit for their own builds or for their sector(s).


If you know of a project sponsor in your organisation that would benefit from joining the list please let them know and get them to contact me so I can add them to the list.






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