Hi Tiina,
I enquired with Henk Mienis, the curator of Israel's national mollusc collections, and here is his reply:

Nothing is mentioned whether they have to be alive, preserved in ethanol or simply empty shells.
If the latter is the case then hundreds of shell-dealers can supply them. She has simply to use Google to find them.
She can even buy them from dealers in the U.S.A.. In that case there will be no problems with the customs.

Daniella Bar-Yosef

On Oct 25, 2008, at 1:55 AM, Tiina Manne wrote:


I would like to have examples of some Mediterranean/North Atlantic limpet
species (Patella aspera, depressa, caerulea, rustica, ulyssiponensis and
vulgata). Does anyone know of a place that I could buy a few of each species
and have them shipped to the US?


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