Please help, I am a novice in spm, and I want to analyse data which is EEG 
evoked potentials already preprocessed, averaged over trials. The data is 
in .mat file as two 3 dimensional matrix with 350 time points X 28 channels X 
20 subjects for conditions 1 and 2. Seperate single dimension matrix for time 
points of pre to post stimulus period. And I have channel location coordinates. 
GUI does not recognise as EEG data, please advice how can I feed my data 
into the spm8b software for analysis.

Another question is regarding compatibility. My op.sys. is windows vista 32-
bit. When I worked with example data provided on spm website for EEG, when 
I use 'display'/'EEG' button on GUI, the programme freezes and in matlab 
command window I get main error message somthing to do with java figures 
(message pasted below) although the subsequent analysis and results are 
desplayed graphically nonetheless.

Thank you so much!

SPM present working directory:
??? Error using ==> javacomponent
Java figures are not enabled

Error in ==> spm_uitable at 289
[obj, container] = javacomponent(table_h, position, parent);

Error in ==> spm_eeg_review_switchDisplay>DataInfo at 576
            [ht,hc] = spm_uitable(table,colnames);

Error in ==> spm_eeg_review_switchDisplay at 20
    [D] = DataInfo(D);

Error in ==> spm_eeg_review at 53
[D] = spm_eeg_review_switchDisplay(D);

Error in ==> spm_eeg_display_ui at 40

Error in ==> spm at 876

??? Error using ==> spm('PopUpCB',gcbo)
Error using ==> javacomponent
Java figures are not enabled

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Reference to non-existent field 'wcb'.

Error in ==> cameratoolbar at 540

Error in ==> spm_eeg_review_switchDisplay at 36

Error in ==> spm_eeg_review_callbacks at 132
                [D] = spm_eeg_review_switchDisplay(D);

Error in ==> spm_uitab>doChoose at 177

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback