Dear all,

when trying to estimate the GLM model for my fMRI data, i get the 
following warning:

Error running job: Output argument "V" (and maybe others) not assigned 
during call to "/home/bjorn/Matlab/spm5/spm_reml.m (spm_reml)".
In file "/home/bjorn/Matlab/spm5/spm_spm.m" (v946), function "spm_spm" 
at line 902.
In file "/home/bjorn/Matlab/spm5/spm_config_fmri_est.m" (v832), function 
"run_est" at line 394.

I do not get this error with similar data. Does anyone know what the 
cause might be?

Thanks in advance,
Bjorn Roelstraete
Ghent University
Department of Data-analysis
H. Dunantlaan 1, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
Tel: 32-9-2646434
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