Be careful Patrinkulus,

they say that new pc's jump, eat Vile Borises and vice-versa, and that they
drink the finest wines you have in the cellar. Terrible - I would not let it
there on its own.
Moreover, the axbox is a soft done with an ox that bobs when coxed. Thus...
your warned and warmed now with blest thoughts,

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> Peter-gosh just wondering if it's in that plain text thingy the heavies
> went
> bananas last time ah just found that itis! keyboard is different does not
> auger well for snap
> Oh yes why does your email have a tacky advert at the bottom?is it topping
> up a poor poet's survival??
> Ps who knows what axbox is?do they bury you in one??
> Cheeres P
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> testing>
> To: [log in to unmask]> > new Computer! Terrifying sonsays I will
> leave itwith you to sort out> > cheersandfears Patrick> > pscan't even find
> the printer thingy but bravely forthing goes> > pps this may reach you
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