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"Ann Lauterbach
Ruth and David E. Schwab Professor of Languages and Literature

Program(s): Integrated Arts, Literature, Writing Program in Fiction and 

B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison. Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Columbia 
Teacher and director of the literature program at the Institute of 
Contemporary Arts.
Books include If in Time (2001); On a Stair (1997); And For Example (1994); 
(1991); Before Recollection (1987); Many Times, But Then (1979). 
Contributing editor,
Conjunctions (1981- ). Wrote column "The Night Sky" in American Poetry 
Review. Grants:
New York State Foundation for the Arts, Ingram Merrill Foundation, 
Foundation, MacArthur Fellowship (1993). Faculty, Milton Avery Graduate 
School of the
Arts and Center for Curatorial Studies. (1997- ) David and Ruth Schwab 
Professor of
Languages and Literature."

Will Poetryetc's "board" post the list's language regarding sexism.  That 
phrase "meaty
masterpiece", within a context which can't be regarded as literary criticism 
and more
closely resembles jealous personal assault (repeated from "before"), needs 

Oh, yes, that other point - which any neocon journal ranting about political 
correctness would simply adore ... I'm reminded of Stanislaw Jerzy Lec's 
aphorism, "Don't tell your dreams - what if the Freudists come to power?" 
An equivalent might be: "Avoid metaphors - there are Derridists about ..."