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Dear list members,

 I am currently organizing a panel on “Psychoanalysis and Italian Studies” for the SIS Conference 2009. I would like to invite papers on topics which include but are not limited to:


-         The state of art of psychoanalytic criticism in Italy

-         Psychoanalytically informed readings of works of Italian literature

-         Psychoanalysis and Italian cinema

-         The role of psychoanalysis in Italian culture and public discourse

-         The relationship between psychoanalysis and academia in Italy


Papers focusing on, and making use of, post-Freudian and post-Kleinian approaches to literature, art and creativity (e.g. Bion, Meltzer, Winnicott, Lacan, Fornari etc.) will be particularly welcome.

I look forward to receiving abstracts from interested colleagues by 27 October.

Thank you and all best wishes,


Dr. Francesco Capello

Visiting Lecturer of Italian

University of Leeds

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