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BECTA has some good material on whiteboards. I found this very useful:

You have to think about whether you are going to use it as simply a glorified projection screen. If you are, then it might be best to get a projection screen and projector. If you are planning to create whiteboard resources then my advice would be to get a Smartboard as it is very easy to use and reliable. However, many schools use Promenthean boards. It might be useful to find out which are most popular with schools in Hertford. That way you can make sure that your resources can be understood and used by local schools.

It would be great if you can collate your responses.

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Colin Hynson
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  Hello everybody


  Not being too familiar with whiteboards myself, I wonder if anyone can help with the query as outlined below from my curator which she has asked me to post on the GEM list. 


  Hertford Museum will be undergoing a major redevelopment over the next year which includes the building of a new learning space.  We are thinking of getting an interactive whiteboard to use in this space for a variety of functions such as talks, meetings and potentially school visits.  We have no prior knowledge of whiteboards and their reliability and/or effectiveness in museums.   Does anyone have these in their museum and have they used them?  We would be really interested to hear any thoughts on them.


  Any pearls of wisdom would be gratefully received and I am more than happy to collate them for any interested parties.


  Many thanks in advance as always!




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