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Hi Troupes.

The usual brief note to tell you that

·         .…a new eMagazine Supplement - uNET 1:Assessment (using New & Emerging Technologies) - is also available to read online at http://eMagazine.notlong.com or
 or download it as a zipped eXe File for use in your VLE, on CD or Memory Stick at http://www.rsc-northwest.ac.uk/acl/ZippedeXeLibrary/zippedeXelibrary.htm;

·         …Hyperlinks from previous eMagazines are available, using only2clicks at http://www.only2clicks.org/pages/acljohn/.

Note: As of today, there have been a further…

·         28 downloads of the Science, Engineering & Mathematics eMagazine Supplement; 443 in total,

·         66 downloads of the WeLPS Tool eMagazine Supplement;  359 in total and

·         154 downloads of the Bid Writing Supplement; 639 in total.


Best wishes…


John Dalziel

eLearning Adviser (ACL/PCDL)

RSC Northwest

2nd Floor, Bailrigg House

Lancaster University





0152 459 3801

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