as the new tendencies / bit international exhibition is currently shown at ZKM,
I thought the following is interesting for some people on this list as it
contains a lot of material for the study of kinetic, cybernetic and computer
art. there is also an argument contained her about the writing of histories and
above all the thesis that this early 'computer avantgard' shows many of the
problems which affect media art till today.

Article start:

Since more than 10 years the Croatian media artist Darko Fritz has been
researching the archives of the Museum for Contemporary Arts Zagreb to gather
material about the New Tendencies series of exhibitions and events in Zagreb,
Ex-Yugoslavia, now Croatia, from 1961 to 1973 and the Bit International journal
published by that same art movement. An exhibition in 2007 at Neue Galerie Graz
and now at ZKM Karlsruhe shows the works of this important but almost lost art
movement, were it not for the effort of Darko Fritz. For the Graz exhibition a
little catalogue came out with contributions by Peter Weibel, Jesa Denegri and
Margit Rosen. I have data mined those articles and present this material in the
manner of a literature review for other researchers to study it and draw their
own conclusions. All translations from German are my translations.

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