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On Tue, 23 Sep 2008 21:59:31 -0700, George H. Brown wrote:

>medieval-religion: Scholarly discussions of medieval religion and culture


>To to anyone interested I will be happy to send a 
>copy by regular mail of Richard McBrien's article 
>that contends "we must reject the simplistic, 
>mechanistic notion of apostolic succession -- the 
>passing the baton theory." He cites Fr Francis 
>Sullivan, former professor of ecclesiology at the 
>Pontifical Gregorian University and now professor 
>at Boston College.

>George Brown

I'd be interested in the article.  I don't think much of McBrien from any standpoint, but he is essentially correct - there was dramatic diversity of authority, 
leadership and ecclesial organization in the first century, and it took (or so it seems) the Gnostic controversy to distill out the principle of apostolic succession 
in the second century . . . 

Also, I seem to recall that indications are that the Roman church did not have a monarchical episcopacy until sometime in the first half of the second 
century - can anyone point me to further studies in this area?


George the Less

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