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John Wickstrom wrote:
> John , my 1956 Breviarium Romanum (admittedly not medieval but
> retaining most medieval/early modern usages) suggests you are right
> about the commencement and relative 'trumps' of Vigils. I noted only
> two things in addition: in the case of a Vigil being "outranked" by a
> feast, the use of the Vigil lesson as the final lesson at Matins is
> optional (there is always a commemoration at Lauds). Also vigils
> appear to be of different ranks themselves, always "first class" they
> can be "semi double" (most I looked at) or "simple" (Christmas).

The idea of a vigil as a semi-double feast (Christmas Eve ought to be a 
double feast) opens another can of worms: this would mean the vigil 
commencing with Vespers the day before! But most vigils seem to have been 
regarded as ferias, and so commenced with Matins (vigil of the vigil...)

John Briggs

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