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On Monday, September 22, 2008, at 11:43 pm, I wrote (in evident haste):

> 1)  Linus, pope (d. 1st cent.)....  The 
> Liberian Catalogue dates his pontificate to the years 56-67; Jerome 
> places in the years 67-78.

That is, places _it_ (L.'s pontificate) in 67-78.

> L.'s Vita in the Liber Pontificalis says that he was Tuscan.  The late 
> fourteenth- and early fifteenth-century papal official and polymath 
> Piero Maffei asserted in his _Commentariorum rerum urbanarum_  
> (finished, 1506) that L. came from Volterra.

Rather, _Raffaele_ Maffei (about whom I've actually written; 'Piero' must have slipped in from the treatment of L. in the frescoes at Pisa's San Piero in Grado).

> 4)  Constantius of Ancona (d. 6th cent.)...  
> When Venice's parish of San Basilio vescovo was merged in 1808/09 into 
> that of Santi Gervaio e Protasio its putative relics of C. as they 
> were then -- a fragment of bone had been given to the diocese of 
> Ancona in 1760 -- were transferred to the latter's church (a.k.a. San 
> Trovaso).  They are said to remain there today.

_Gervasio_ e Protasio (obviously).

Best again,
John Dillon

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