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We are pleased to announce the Future Internet Symposium (FIS 2008) which will take place in Vienna, Austria, September 28-30.  FIS 2008 will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to exchange ideas related to the Future Internet - a new planet scale network able to truly meet the societal and business demands of the 21st Century. 

In addition to a full refereed paper programme, and a poster and demo session FIS 2008 incorporates the following:

Three Keynotes
* William H. Dutton (Director of the Oxford Internet Institute)
* João da Silva (Director of the Network and Communication DG-INFSO)
* Alexander Hauptmann (Carnegie Mellon University)

Five Invited Papers
* The Nature of Our Digital Universe - presented by Michael L. Brodie (Chief Scientist of Verizon Services Operations)
* The Internet of Things in an Enterprise Context - presented by Stephan Haller (Senior Researcher and Architect in the Smart Items Research Program at SAP Research in Zürich)
* Security-By-Contract for the Future Internet - presented by Fabio Massacci (Professor at the University of Trento)
* eServices in a Networked World: from Semantics to Pragmatics - presented by Jaap Gordijn (Associate Professor of Innovative e-Business at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Two Workshops
* OneSpace2008: The1st International Workshop on Blending Physical and Digital Spaces on the Internet
* The 1st International Workshop on Complex Event Processing for Future Internet: Realizing a Reactive Future Internet

Four Tutorials
* Triple Space Computing: Large-Scale Integrated Knowledge Applications
* Beyond Google Earth: Surfing Petabyte Maps in the Future Internet
* Agile Future Internet Applications: An Introduction to Emerging Data, Service, and Process Technologies
* Semantic Management of Business Processes in the Future Internet

Full details on the programme and details on how to register can be found at our website

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Knowledge Media Institute,
The Open University,
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