I am nagasiva yronwode, Director for YIPPIE*, a sister organization
to the Society for the Academic Study of Magic. We've recently begun
to jump the hurdles of American nonprofitship, constructed a Board
of Directors, set media projects underway, created an Amazon bookshop,
manifested a Yahoogroup for discussion of folk and other varieties
of magic, and fleshed out a website for our institution, and i'm 
finally taking a breather to announce to the world that we exist 
and how happy we are that you do too! ;)

The Journal for the Academic Study of Magic is what drew my attention
to this group and to your efforts generally. Marvellous! As an arcane
student of many years and cyber-networker, I was very pleased to know
that you exist, are doing so well at what you're doing, and making
important cultural inroads from which many of us will surely 
benefit. Cudos!

Thanks for letting me join your group. I'll do my best to contribute
meaningfully to your threads here, will *definitely* let others know
about your beautiful work, and occasionally try to send something
or someone new your direction. I'm now in the midst of examining 
your archives for gems to marvel over and puzzles to solve.

With great admiration and enthusiasm,

 nagasiva yronwode ([log in to unmask]), Director 
   YIPPIE*! --
  *Yronwode Institution for the Preservation
   and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology