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Science Dissemination Using Open Access: A Compendium Of Selected Literature On Open Access / Editors E. Canessa and M. Zennaro (ICTP-SDU, Italy).

The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Science Dissemination Unit (SDU) / July 2008 / 207 pp. / ISBN 92-95003-40-3.




Open Access means aims to remove restrictions that exist on the access to articles and knowledge to the world-wide scholarly community, in particular to those in developing countries. Scientists in these countries still have difficulty in publishing their work due to the lack of access to the network, to their institutional economic difficulties or to the lack of awareness of available Open Access solutions. 

The visibility, usage and impact of researchers' own findings can increase with Open Access, as does their power to find, access and use the work of others.

This book aims to guide the scientific community on the requirements of Open Access, and the plethora of low-cost solutions available. A compendium of selected literature on Open Access is presented to increase the awareness of the potential of open publishing in general.

The book also aims to encourage decision makers in academia and research centers to adopt institutional and regional Open Access Journals and Archives to make their own scientific results public and fully searchable on the Internet.

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