I know that Hull have been working with the data fountains software [1] 
in their RepoMMan project [2] to extract metadata automatically by 
analysing a document's contents and present this to users before asking 
for direct metadata input.  For York Digital Library where the focus is 
on multi-media, we are hoping to explore a range of techniques, 
including extracting information from deposited files, and offering a 
range of pick lists and auto-completion options - we just haven't done 
any of this yet.  The AHDS MetaTools project is looking at creating some 
prototype web services in this area too [3].

This is a very relevant topic so thanks for raising it.  As someone very 
interested in any work to reduce the metadata created by hand I think 
there could be a very useful open debate on this on-list. 




Mahendra Mahey wrote:
> I am trying to find the extent to which repositories are using some 
> form of automatically generated metadata.
> This could be in the form of automatically inserting the depositors 
> details into the author field as a suggestion (if they are indeed the 
> author - as sometimes they are not),  a pick list appearing on a 
> deposit form from an internal database, to the use of automatic 
> classification systems that populate fields such as keywords, subject, 
> title etc after an analysis of the item deposited.
> *Questions*
> If your repository is using auto metadata...
> What kind of auto metadata is being used and how? Has this been 
> formally documented? Is this available? If not, could you provide me 
> with a screnshot?
> If you are not using it, I am assuming that you would like to use some 
> form of it, as long as it is reliable?  If any of you are have 
> objections or bad experiences to using auto generated metadata, please 
> let me know why.
> Could you please *reply to me off list*?
> Thank you

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