Slightly to play devil’s advocate – it’s by no means unknown for one organisation to do the PX for an excavation done by another organisation. It’s been done quite often in relation to ‘backlog’ sites, in fact.


The danger in trying to make it difficult for the developer to get alternative quotations is that they may feel it’s just a profession trying to protect the interests of its own. As I’m sure Lee appreciates, the developer may not have any real intention of changing horses, but simply wants to get another (lower) quote which they can use to try and drive down the price from the original contractor. And seeking another quote isn’t an unreasonable thing to do if you’re not happy with the price you’re being quoted (in any walk of life!).


Another tack could be to suggest the developer engages a reputable archaeological consultant to advise on the PX costs. Once the developer is confident that they’re not being taken for a ride, they may (one hopes!) be much happier to pay up. It may be that your developer just wants to feel a bit more in control of the situation, rather than that they’re desperately worried about the cost per se.


Roger Thomas


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Dear All,

Apologies for sending this DC related query out, but could you please pass this to your DC/Planning Archaeologist if you don't personally deal with it?

I'm in the midst of arguing with a developer over the final stage of some P-Ex work and need some feedback from colleagues nationally.

The developer is querying the quotation they've received from the contractor and are asking me (amongst other things!) to "suggest another archaeological company who is prepared to offer a quotation".

My immediate gut response is not printable; but I did wish to just check if I'm correct in my assumption that this is highly irregular and not common practice in the profession. Have any of you had a similar experience, if so what was the outcome?

Many thanks
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