Surely it depends on how categorisation is undertaken and whether dates are recorded explicitly i.e. if a date is known and used to extrapolate the period without then also recording the date then problems will occur if the timelines differ or change e.g. A coin of date 500 is denoted as Roman  by X but by Y would be Anglo-Saxon.

My view was always to record dates.



>>> Gregory Chuter <[log in to unmask]> 05/08/2008 09:04 >>>
Hi Phil
The RCHME time line does not match the HBSMR time line we currently use.
Will there be an amendment to this at some stage in line with the EH
review of periods / timelines?. 
Probably opening a whole can of worms here, but the RCHME time line also
differs from the one defined by our currently running South East
Research Framework. These differences between data sets / projects will
surely cause problems for research and data collection in the future. 
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	Hi Rachel,

	I'm attaching a copy of the RCHME/EH/MIDAS/INSCRIPTION
(depending on who you talk to depends on what it's called!) in CSV
format. We (EH) are currently revisiting the whole periods/timelines
thing and will be soon updating the dates attached to the periods to
remove overlaps and reflect current thinking, particularly with regards
to the earlier periods.


	The file includes our unique ids/parent_uids and the
Chronological order field to allow you to build a mini-hierarchy but you
can ignore these.


	I know we're not supposed to attach files but Bruce told me to
do it so any complaints please hassle him!






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	I'm hoping someone out there can help me. We are refining our
HER to get it ready to go on the web next year and we are trying to
assign dates to the various periods to make it easier for the public to
search. However, what we have currently seems to vary greatly from other
lists I've seen. Can anyone tell me if there is a definitive list out
there somewhere and if so where. Alternatively, would people be prepared
to share their lists with us so we can try and create a more
comprehensive one? 

	Many thanks 

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