Dear William,
just to point out that there can be nothing that can be construed as 'religious' as part of a Civil Marriage, though Superintendent Registrars vary in their strictness of interpretation. Essentially, your blessing has to follow the civil ceremony as a separate event. You can 'conduct' the civil ceremony so long as you do not mention God during that part of the proceedings.
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Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 1:17 PM
Subject: Urgent: Marriage Blessing In Hospital

Dear All,

We have a civil marriage occurring in the hospital tomorrow afternoon for a palliative patient who has a prognosis of days.


The couple are not religious at all, but have asked for a blessing and for me to somehow `conductí the event as the superintendent registrar attends to perform the legal marriage.

Does anyone have anything appropriate I could borrow/adapt? This is very last minute I know, but if I can avoid burning the literal, midnight oil on this Iíd be appreciative.