For what it is worth, my understanding was that the multi-faith group
had concluded some years ago that the term chaplaincy was non-faith
specific and inclusive.

We are laboriously entitled the Dept. of Spiritual & Pastoral Care (but
everyone calls us chaplains (or chaplins) and comes to the chapel
(rather than the multi-faith prayer space) and always want last rites
(rather than the sacrament of healing)!!!



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Dear Anne

We are the Spiritual Care Dept.  We are chaplains and together with our
volunteers form the Spiritual Care team.  Chaplaincy is retained by some
in common parlance and also in the JD of the HOD 'Head of Spiritual Care
and Chaplaincy Services'.  Our Muslim colleagues in particular
appreciate the title 'Spiritual Care' as it speaks to them of

Best wishes


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We may have discussed this before - apologies if we have!


I have just had a request from one of the UK Lead Chaplains asking what
other teams are calling their department as it is under discussion in
his Trust. Senior hospital staff there have asked him to find this out
from across the UK in order to clarify their own thinking about the
possibility of changing the name of the department.

I would value any input on this topic that I can then pass on to him.

Many thanks

Anne Aldridge
Deputy Lead Chaplain
Addenbrookes Hopsital

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