Having done both theory and experiment over the years, it seems to me  
that experiment is definitely more funny than theory!

Reminds me of the funniest thing that ever happened to me. Back when  
I was a graduate student, we where required to attend weekly  
departmental seminars. One day I was quite late. Unfortunately, there  
were no doors in the back of the smallish lecture room, so I was  
forced to enter in full view of the audience (by design I am sure).  
As luck would have it, I could see one unoccupied chair in the back  
of the crowed, darkened room. As I began to sit, one of the  
professors in the the back frantically signaled to me not to sit.  
Alas, it was too late. The chair was made of springy metal rods that  
had come unwelded and my back end sank all the way to the floor. My  
feet now pointed in the air, it became like a sort of trap and I  
couldn't get out. As I struggled, the whole thing fell over with a  
clatter. I was, of course, too embarrassed to ask for help and  
continued to roll around on the floor for some time until I finally  
extracted my self from the thing. By this time, the speaker was  
interrupted and the audience burst into laughter. In retrospect, a  
well placed cry for help would have really had them roaring.


On Aug 31, 2008, at 2:34 AM, David Briggs wrote:

> Whilst the science itself might not have them rolling the in aisles,
> you can at least try and have fun whilst doing it.
> After all, if you can't laugh at triplet-phase invariant probability
> distributions, then what can you laugh at.