Dear Tao,
Yes, you will see the toolbox file following the Kathy's instruction, but sometimes it does not show up completely if you put much extention utilities under the the path:  SPM/toolbox/ directory. Thus, you have to select some extension tools you want to use right now and to be saved under the set path of matlab workspace.
That is, running matlab--> dropdown  file -->choose " set path" --> dialogue frame popup --> choose "add with subfolders" or remove some tools you do not want to use right now--> save -->close.
Hope it is helpful.

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> If your toolbox is named xxx, then in the SPM/toolbox/xxx directory, if the
> program xxx.m is found, it should show up on the SPM toolbox GUI dropdown
> menu. If the program has a different name from the directory, then it may
> not appear in the list.
> Kathy Pearson
> UAB Psychology
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> Dear SPMers,
> I have download some SPM5 utilities and extract them to the spm\toolbox\ .
> But I cannot see theses utilities from toolbox button of the SPM interface.
> How can I install the extensions ?
> Thank you for helps
> Tao

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