Post Doc, Motor Control and Movement Disorders Group, University of
Illinois at Chicago

The Motor Control and Movement Disorders Group (
at the University of Illinois at Chicago seeks a candidate for a
postdoctoral position in motor control using EEG and fMRI.  The specific
focus of the research is to investigate neural mechanisms for how visual
input affects motor performance.

QUALIFICATIONS:  The candidate should have a Ph.D. in motor control,
neuroscience, bioengineering, or related field.  Expertise in using
electroencephalography and/or functional magnetic resonance imaging is
highly desirable.  Experience with neuroimaging software packages
including EMSA, SPM, and AFNI is a plus, along with experience programming
in Matlab and/or LabView.

APPLICATION:  The application should include a cover letter, curriculum
vitae, and telephone numbers of three references.  Please send the
completed application to Dr. David Vaillancourt ([log in to unmask]).

LABORATORY AT UIC:  The Motor Control and Movement Disorders group is lead
by Drs. David Vaillancourt and Daniel Corcos.  The laboratory is supported
by the National Institutes of Health.  Our main focus is to develop a
better understanding of visuomotor neuroscience and treatments for motor
disorders in humans.  Ongoing research includes studies using fMRI to
investigate basal ganglia function during grip force production, studies
investigating neural mechanisms for how visual input affects motor
performance, and investigating motor deficits of patients with Parkinsonís
disease following rehabilitative interventions such as strength training,
medication, and deep brain stimulation.  The equipment for data collection
in the laboratory includes a 128 channel BioSemi EEG system, Eye Link II
system, MR compatible fiber optic force transducers, MR compatible fiber
optic accelerometers, servo controlled manipulanda for ankle, wrist and
elbow movements.  There are also several Delsys EMG systems and an
OPTOTRAK system.  The laboratory also houses computer systems dedicated
for fMRI, DTI, and EEG analysis using SPM, AFNI, DtiStudio, and EMSA.

The laboratory is located less than 900 meters from the Movement Disorders
Section of Rush University Medical Center where we have excellent
collaborations with the neurologists and neurosurgeons in this group.  In
addition, the laboratory is located less than 100 meters from the UIC
Center for MR Research.  The Center for MR Research at UIC houses 3 T and
9.4 T magnets for research use. The laboratory also works closely with the
Center for Cognitive Medicine directed by Dr. John Sweeney.

David E. Vaillancourt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition
Departments of Bioengineering and Neurology
University of Illinois at Chicago
1919 West Taylor, 650 AHSB (M/C 994)
Chicago, IL 60612

Office Phone: 312-355-2058
Fax: 312-355-2305