Dear all,


As part of a MRC funded e-science project we have developed a portal designed to be useful to researchers who are working with MR brain images. The project is nearing its conclusion, but we are wondering if the portal may prove a useful tool to the wider community and so are making it available to guests to see if this is so. The portal provides a standard web interface to tools that are wrapped as web services.  The aim is to facilitate common tasks that are often troublesome, or that people only want to do occasionally, or for which they do not have suitable locally installed programs. The web services are hosted on a remote server and execute on a condor pool as needed. Results are available through the portal or directly from a Webdav folder. The Portal is secure. You will need to install a certificate to use it and then access it using a password. A temporary Webdav folder to work in will be created for you automatically. Currently available services are: File format conversion, affine registration, FSL FAST, FSL BET, FSL Maths, FSL slicer, FSL swap dim, a DICOM anonymisation service and SPM5 tissue classification.


Please try the portal and give feedback. Any issues or comments should be sent to Ali Khanban ([log in to unmask])


The portal can be found at It can be used with many common browsers and is not platform dependent

(please note that some institutional firewalls are configured to block ports 55555 and 55443 which the server currently uses)


We hope this is useful




Jo Hajnal