Dear SPMer

For the spatial Normalization of image with focal uptake or lesion, cost
function masking should be performed (Ni 14,486-500 (2001))

From the manual of MRIcro, unified normalization could be done without
lesion masking.

Below was manual on MRIcro homepage


Normalize patient MRI scans with MRIcro and SPM5

The best way to normalize images with SPM5 is to use the unified
normalization routine (simply press the 'Segment' button in SPM5). This
option appears to give better solutions than previous versions of SPM or the
standard normalization (which you get if you press SPM5's 'Normalize'
button). Further, it does not appear that lesion masking is necessary if you
use the unified normaliazation with brain lesions (see Crinion et al.
<>  (2007).



My question is that

1)      How about PET image

2)      Which option was for unified normalization in segmentation step?
Actually, I know that spatial normalization was performed in segmentation
But, resulting image of segmentation was like probabilistic map.
That means that all count of image was below 1
So which function is for unified normalization with lesion


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Kim JS