I'm new using spm and I've tried to convert Dicom to nifti with spm05(with last updates on the web), windows vista and matlab 7.0.1 but it's failed.
Error is:

Running "DICOM Import"
   Changing directory to: C:\Users\user\Documents\nifti\
??? One or more output arguments not assigned during call to 'C:\Users\user\Documents\spm5\spm5\spm_dicom_headers.m (decode_csa1)'.

Error in ==> spm_dicom_headers>decode_csa at 423
    t = decode_csa1(fp,lim);

Error in ==> spm_dicom_headers>read_dicom at 96
                dat  = decode_csa(fp,tag.length);

Error in ==> spm_dicom_headers>read_sq at 221
        [Item,len1] = read_dicom(fp, flg, dict, tag.length);

Error in ==> spm_dicom_headers>read_dicom at 173
                        [dat,len1] = read_sq(fp, flg,dict,tag.length);

Error in ==> spm_dicom_headers>readdicomfile at 66
ret = read_dicom(fp, 'il',dict);

Error in ==> spm_dicom_headers at 25
    tmp = readdicomfile(P(i,:),dict);

Error in ==> spm_config_dicom>convert_dicom at 129
hdr = spm_dicom_headers(strvcat(job.data));

Error in ==> spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1587

Error in ==> spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1597

Error in ==> spm_jobman>run_struct1 at 1597

Error in ==> spm_jobman>run_job at 482

Error in ==> spm_jobman>serial at 2176

Error in ==> spm_jobman at 80

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback.

I don't what to do, because I'm learning how to use spm to do my final project on the university.

Thank you for your help,
Ana Lopez