If your goal is to run SPM with your output volumes, then you may want to
use SPM2's Toolboxes/DICOM to generate Analyze files or SPM5's DICOM Import
to create NIFTI files.  For other packages, such as FSL, NIFTI files work

I have seen the dcm2niigui program take all the images in a directory and
convert them to a single volume, but this may not always be the wanted
result.  For example, three localizer images are converted by SPM into three
separate volumes.  However, if all the input files are in a single
directory, dcm2niigui might generate a single volume (yes, with different
orientations for Analyze and NIFTI).  Yet, if the input images are separated
into different subdirectories, then the dcm2niigui conversion seems as

Kathy Pearson
UAB Psychology

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I am using dcm2niigui converter of Chris Rodent. I convert the same DICOM
volume to ANALYZE of SPM2 and ANALYZE of SPM5 formats. The images look in
completely different orientation (I aslo checked this in the info).  I
didn't change any defaults of the converter. Is it OK?