Which version of spm_config_defs.m do you have?  There should be a line in the 
file (about line 7) that says something like:

% $Id: spm_config_defs.m 1032 2007-12-20 14:45:55Z john $

If this is up to date, then maybe the option is not visible because you have 
an older MATLAB version (DARTEL only works in MATLAB 7 onwards).  Try the 
following to see if it returns a value of zero or above:


Best regards,

On Thursday 26 June 2008 07:30, Muhammad A Parvaz wrote:
> Hey SPMers,
> I am using DARTEL for VBM studies and am following the very well-written
> Dartel manual. On the step where we combine deformations (section 1.2.2),
> the manual suggests to use the 'Defomation' utility and
> select 'Composition'. In this menu, the manual shows that there should be
> an option called 'Dartel flow' whih I apparently don't see, but I do see
> the other option 'Import _sn.mat'.
> Now I have seen that a lot of SPM users have successfully used DARTEL
> already, which would mean that they had this option (Dartel flow) which I
> apparently don't.
> Any suggestion?
> Thanks
> -Muhammad