You are dead on, Vince,

The direct brain/net interface you speak of is not just a possibility it is
inevitable. It is just a matter of time, barring, of course, the major
catastrophe you mention.

Well said, Vince.


At 03:25 PM 7/25/2008 +0100, you wrote:
>Well, here's my Friday 2p on the subject...
>I've thought about this very question in the past, and I think the
>simple truth is that the rules are changing. My guess is that assuming
>no major catastrophe happens, technology will finally get the upper hand
>of natural selection in the near future, and that technological changes
>will be made, building on the work so far done in artificial limb work,
>electronic/neural direct interfaces and miniaturising organs, such as
>artificial kidneys. Direct brain / net interfaces can't be far off now,
>and widespread adoption of this would surely change the nature of all
>participating societies on the planet.
>My guess is that some societies will adopt these plans, change ever-more
>rapidly, and presumably at some stage leave the planet and head off,
>leaving the more traditional societies behind. 
>With more traditional societies, it's more difficult to judge, but I
>think it will be difficult to avoid the creeping in of new technologies:
>I was particularly struck by a picture in Fortean Times recently where a
>crowd in Nigeria had attacked a woman because they thought she had
>changed into a cat.. and most of them were photographing her on their
>mobile phones! 
>'Technology will be not only more amazing than we imagine, it will be
>more amazing than we can imagine'
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>As its Friday I thought I would pose a question for the good Britarchers
>to ponder.
>Taking into account the past major evolutionary steps that humans have
>taken and based on current our civilizastion or a dramtically changed
>one (if global warmning does reach worse case scenario), what do you
>think the next major evolutionary step would be in human (homosapiens),
>would this be a physical one or intellectual?
>What would you then consider to be the correct name for the new species
>of humans?  Homo....?
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