We received ours last week and were very surprised to see so many
students on it (780). Therefore, we have queried it with our HEI
Relationship Manager and are currently waiting for her "operational
colleagues" to investigate the situation. 


Adrian Whitlock
Student Records Officer (Data Quality)
Academic and Student Administration
University of Birmingham
0121 414 6887
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Dear all

This came up at our Regional forum last week but it appears that most
people have just received a rather larger than expected 2005/6 ACR, the
one I have has 936 students on and I don't think we are owed that much.

The feeling is that anyone who has had a course change is on there even
they have already been paid for.

How are people tacking this, are you all dutifully completing the whole
thing, a task made harder for us as the disc supplied does not actually
have the data file on, only the instructions for completion.


David Ealey
Principal Manager
Department of Academic Administration
London Metropolitan University
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