Dear SPMers

I am attempting to use the DARTEL toolbox for a VBM type analysis. I have
been able to follow the guidelines in the excellent manual (that John
Ashburner has kindly made available here)to obtain flow fields and warped
tissue class images in the "averaged" space.
I am now trying to spatially normalize the tissue images to the MNI space. I
understand that the approach involves estimating the parameters for affine
normalization of the dartel tissue template with the MNI tissue probability
map and combining this with the dartel generated flow fields to obtain
composite deformations. I have a few questions about these steps:
1. Which are the images to which we are to apply the composite deformations.
I have applied them to the rc*.nii images. Is this correct?
2. The resulting MNI normalized images do not appear to be "modulated". How
would I go about obtaining "modulated" images in the MNI space?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Harsha Halahalli
Research Associate
MBIAL, Department of Psychitary
National institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)
Bamgalore - 560029, INDIA