Dear Colleague,

In a couple of weeks time I have to contend, in 
open debate with Max Coltheart, with the
issue of functional neuroimaging and cognitive 
theories. I suspect this debate will center
on whether functional neuroimaging has been able 
to disambiguate between competing
cognitive theories.  I thought it might be nice 
to list what our community considers to be
good examples of this (if there are any).

If you had time, could you discuss this with your colleagues and email me

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your favorite example of neuroimaging in 
resolving questions posed by [competing]
cognitive theories?  I would be most 
grateful.  Could you respond to my email above
(as opposed to or in addition to the help-line)?

With many thanks in anticipation,


Congress 2008: XXIX International Congress of Psychology

Functional neuroimaging has already told us a lot about cognition: Yes or No?
Methods of functional neuroimaging are used in a 
steadily increasing number of scientific studies 
in psychology, the neurosciences, or economics. 
While these studies have, without doubt, helped 
develop our knowledge about brain functions, the 
issue addressed in this debate is to what extent 
they also have contributed to a better understanding of cognition.

Monday, 21 July, 15.00  16.30 h,
Hall 6
Arno Villringer, Berlin Neuroimaging Center, Germany
Max Coltheart, Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Sydney, Australia
Karl Friston, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, London, United Kingdom