Hi Karsten,

If there are n subjects then you need to "define" all these n subjects 
and then run it. I was thinking of putting all the source images under 
one directory and select them all and then run the who process in one 
go. Otherwise, if this n=500, then you need to do this 500 times which 
would be very tedious. Do I miss some tricks here?

Many thanks,

Wei Wen

Karsten Specht wrote:
> Dear Wei Wen,
>> Is there a way of selecting multiple files (as source) in normalization 
>> process (using the same template target) ?  Smoothing etc can be done in 
>> that fashion but not normalization it seems.
> you should select only one source per subject, but in SPM2 as well as SPM5, you have the possibility to define a set of subjects, which should be normalized to the same template.
> Karsten
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