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I think this issue was addressed in a recent posting on the SPM email 
list by Jan Glascher (17 Mar). See:

He has written a very good tutorial on this issue which you should be 
able to download via the above link (or email Jan directly).

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MCLAREN, Donald wrote:
> Will,
> I was talking to Karl today about 3 way ANOVAs and why they weren't 
> available in SPM. He couldn't think of any reason, but suggested that I 
> contact you about the issue.
> Is there any reason one can't construct a repeated measures ANOVA with 2 
> within-subject factors and group factor for 2 or more groups. In the 
> simple case of a 2x2x3 ANOVA; you'd have 4 columns for factor1*factor2, 
> 6 columns for factor1*factor3, and 12 columns for 
> factor1*factor2*factor3. NOTE: since this is repeated measures design, 
> there would also be a term for each subject. Granted this is a huge 
> number of columns, is there any reason that this can't be performed, 
> either theoretically or practically? Might this option for three-way 
> interactions be included in SPM8?
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> -- 
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