Hello, Philips,

I have 3 Moodle sites runing over the local host (I use WAMPSERVER for that, I don't know in your case) and I have never had any problem.

This is the advice I can give you from my experience:

1) Don't change the table prefix in any of the databases because many useful scripts and plug-ins you can find at Moodle.org, use the default "mdl_..." prefix for getting information from the database. As an  example of this: while using the popular block "Livestats" in a Moodle site that it was set up before me in my college, it took me almost a week to realize that I couldn't get the loggings retrieved because the database for that site was set up without the prefix mdl, and Livestats uses a "select mdl_log....." string query.

2) I use three different names for my databases:

(Moodle2 uses v.1.9, the rest uses v.18.5)

3) While installing my Moodle sites, I set up 3 separate data directories  in the server.

It may also work with different configurations, but I can only advice from my experience.

Hope that this can help.



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