CLS Conference 2008
As most people will be aware, we had planned to hold the CLS 2008 Conference in the first week of December in Birmingham. For a number of reasons, the most important being the difficulty of pinning down a venue, this has not been finalised and time is running short.
Jane Holgate, as organiser of the London Union Organisers Network Conference, to be held in London on November 8th, kindly suggested that a way forward might be to combine the two events.
This would mean a joint CLS/LON conference to be held in London on 8th (and 7th?) of November.
Although LON is more focussed on union issues and organising in particular than CLS, the philosophy behind the conference is similar. Both aim at activist: academic presentations and there would already be a degree of overlap between potential presenters and audience. Therefore, having the two conferences within a month or so of each other probably isnít a good idea anyway.
The LON conference, as it stands, is scheduled for one day (a Saturday) and has a number of concurrent streams. CLS has always operated on the basis of plenary sessions.
One way round this might be to turn this into a 2-day conference (Friday and Saturday), with one day in the CLS format and the other in the LON format.
Jane and I have discussed this and think that this is the best way forward for CLS and LON. We are now approaching the CLS community for comment and, hopefully, the go ahead.
If we get approval then the LON conference will be cobadged CLS.
We will reissue a call for papers in both organisations name, with an extended closing date for submissions.

LON are organisng a social for the Saturday eve

The venue is London Met at North Campus - opp Holloway Road tube station

Frances O Grady, TUC deputy gen sec and architect of the TUC OA has agreed to speak at the opening plenary.
If you have any comments or simply wish to register approval or otherwise, please could you contact either Jane or myself as soon as possible, and by Friday13th June at the latest.
Hopefully next year CLS conference can return to its usual format.
Best wishes
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