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> For this reason, it generally takes 2-3 months of liaising before we can
> lock off contracting for each residency and this usually entails joint
> ownership.

Hullo Vicki

Do you have templates or guides for best ways to navigate that kind of
joint ownership?

I am hoping to have this kind of discussion in an education context
about different ways of perceiving value. I think there is a different
model of understanding by sponsors of projects
which comes along with an open community practice. Value by
restriction is reasonably new and tied to idustrial publishing models
so there are likely to be useful precedents and patterns which did not
get caught up in that pattern but here are some first thoughts about
what needs to shift for the funding groups and entities which aim to
map value(research?)

An ability to see value in projects which have been initiated or
conceived by others and to contribute funding to those works.

An ability to recognise value in contributing towards sustainability
of infrastructure or ongoing capacity rather than enclosed or
completed projects which might use those spaces,  events,
technologies, standards.

Knowing that licences on collaborative projects after they have been
agreed to and commenced is one of the few immovable objects. Get them
right and dont mess with them.

Transparency, trust, consistent messaging around purpose, scope,
collaboration, criteria, value, win win kinds of marketing and
celebration are all important.

Divisive marketing or win lose models or practices are expensive in an
open participative context.

Extreme care with potential loss of data at end of life for project or
end of funding which might not also mean end of life for project. ie
real choice for contributors around what happens next.
Preferably these should be thought through in advance but if not
possible then openly at the time.

Single points of failure, eg any authority gateway which must say yes
in order for progress to occur must be extremely efficient or needs to
be built with redundancy so that there is minimal sense of
disempowerment or delay of commitment through waiting for permissions
or other decisions by specific sources.

I think these all probably mean something like good flow or circulation,
people being able to have authority to be responsible for themselves
as much as possible,
processes and culture which are respectful of impact of actions of
others including outside of the project itself ie. a sort of wider
ecological awareness.

A preference for the
continuation/adaption/expression/exploration/implementation of a meme
rather than the restriction of the item as an underlying preference
and value proposition.