Hi everyone,

Thanks for getting the recognition of Bruker pseudo-3D spectra working... it
really is dead quite to study rate analysis through that now. 

Although it is working fine, I still seem to see a couple of bugs though: 
In the rate analysis module, when doing the automatic peak picking from a
reference spectrum (T2 in my case), the peak picking goes fine but, in the
first pseudo-plane and this one only, the crosspeaks do not come out
centered  (they are centered in the other pseudo-planes.

Secondly, while deleting peaks from the 3D planes, the rate analysis is not
being updated. The only way I found to delete these and to change the rate
is using the remove point from the "sow function fit" window and accept the
peak deletion choice popup that comes out. This is very impractical on a
large scale basis as points have to be deleted one by one.
It would be great to be able to keep the peak but delete individual points
on the graph if one wants or to delete the peak from the "peak group" panel
in the "rate measurements" window, without affecting the picked peaks in the
spectrum (Deleting the peaks in the spectrum can always be done in the "edit
peak list" window).

note: one more thing I noticed... when pressing the "Recalculate rates" or
the "recalculate all rates" button, it does not take into account the
changes in peak height if peak positions are changed... is it not meant to
do so?

Thanks a lot