Right, I found an elementary error.  The initialisation of one variable
was not being done for the non-contoured dimensions which meant that for
yz contouring it was being initialised with some random junk and that gave
an illegal index further downstream.  (For xy and xz contouring it was
effectively being initialised with the previous dimension value.  Now
normally this variable is 0 in all dimensions so the odds were that
although the code was wrong it was not being noticed in these cases.)

I've put the fix on the update server.  (It's slice_file.c)  This now
works (or at least doesn't crash and the contours look plausible) for
Andrew's huge data file.  And thanks to Andrew for pointing out the
problem and for providing the data set.


On Fri, 16 May 2008, Andrew Fowler wrote:

> And a brief update - trying the same zy contouring for an HNCO (~half the
> total data size) also results in a seg fault, not that I really expected
> otherwise. Spectrum was converted from NMRPipe to Azara format first and
> does display ok in a zy window.
> Andrew
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