I am having difficulty with several errors in using snpm5 (not sure if the
errors are in snpm5 or me)

1) when setting up a two-sample t-test I choose that I want to collect
suprathreshold stats but that I don't want to set a threshold at this time.
When I compute the stats it appears that no suprathreshold stats are
collected. (choosing voxel-cluster results produces an error:
??? Error using ==> snpm_combo_pp at 180
Suprathreshold stats not collected!  Cannot do cluster-combining!

If a threshold is defined then suprathreshold stats are collected. I would
have thought that if answered no, the stats would be collected at some
minimum threshold like 0 and then a different threshold could be chosen

2) When examining Results if I choose voxelwise then no matter what number I
enter for an uncorrected threshold every voxel seems to show up in the
brain. I have 10 images and the uncorrected p-value says 0.0083 for all
voxels (which I understand is due to the limited number of relabelings) but
if I choose a threshold of 0.001 or 0.0001 I still see all the voxels.