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> Date: 27 April 2008 00:26:57 BST
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> Subject: ThoughtMesh
> I think Armin is quite right that academics are largely out of the 
> loop of networked culture and risk becoming increasingly isolated for 
> this reason. (I'd like to participate in Armin's TheNextLayer project 
> but am unsure how and where to make
> contributions...?)
> For my part I have been working with Craig Dietrich on ThoughtMesh, an 
> unusual model for publishing and discovering scholarly papers online. 
> It gives readers a tag-based navigation system that uses keywords to 
> connect excerpts of essays published on
> different Web sites.
> Add your essay to the mesh, and ThoughtMesh gives you a traditional 
> navigation menu plus a tag cloud that enables nonlinear access to text 
> excerpts. You can navigate across excerpts both within the original 
> essay and from related essays distributed
> across the mesh.
> So let's say you are reading an essay on Modern art. You can pick a 
> single word out of that essay's tag cloud--say Picasso--and view a 
> list of all the sections from that essay that relate to Picasso. Or 
> you can view a list of sections of other
> articles tagged with Picasso, and jump right to one of those sections. 
> You can also combine tags to narrow your search, such as Picasso + 
> Cubism + 1900.
> As an author, you can choose to post your essay in a central 
> repository hosted by the Vectors program at USC, the sponsor of this 
> project. Or you can self-archive your essay on your own Web site. 
> (That's the "distributed publication" part.)
> All you need is an essay with sections and about 15 minutes. 
> ThoughtMesh already includes articles by writers like Roger Malina, 
> Christiane Paul, Alex Galloway, and many others. Craig and I are eager 
> for more folks to try it; email me if you'd like
> help:
> Cheers,
> jon

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