Companies offering digitising services

Dear Tabitha,

We have used this company to provide images from old and very delicate hand written letters, which have all come out extremely well.

We haven’t used them for books, but we will certainly consider them when we are ready to image any of our books.


Kind regards,

Julia Hoare

IT Project Consultant

Linnean Society of London


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Subject: Companies offering digitising services


Our London-based research library is planning a digitisation project of around 20-40 books. The books mostly contain images (black and white, some in negative) with some text. We would like to outsource the process of creating digital images of these books, as we have done for other projects in the past, but would like to get a number of quotes for the work.

Can anyone recommend companies that have produced a good service at reasonable cost? We are looking for people who can responsibly handle fragile books that do not necessarily open flat. I have looked at the list on the TASI website.

Many thanks for any suggestions,

Tabitha Tuckett