Hi Sarah (and all),


We tried to follow up with an offer of some data from our HLC rather
than from the HER, as we felt that this might be more helpful, however
they have not got back in touch with us as yet.






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Information System (WAPIS)


Hello folks

Has anyone followed up this request for information, or found our more?
The request seemed rather vague, and for types of management and
biodiversity information that are not routinely held in the HER.  And
there seems to be overlaps with other datasets, for instance many of the
records link to records held on the UK Parks and Gardens database hosted
by York.


Or am I just being very slow and are people just dealing with it as a
standard HER search??




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	Subject: Gathering data to populate the Wood-pasture and
Parkland Information System (WAPIS)

	Dear all

	I have been asked by Caroline Ingle, the ALGAO Administrative
Assistant, to forward the attached letter to the HER Forum on behalf of
Natural England,



	Best wishes 


	Paul Gilman

	Historic Environment Records Manager

	Environment and Commerce

	Essex County Council

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