National Association of Disability Practioners.....
.. or according to Google, alternatively National Atmospheric Deposition Program
or North American Diesel Performance
or National Association of Dental Plans
This is the trouble with acronyms - BDA is
British Dental Association
British Dyslexia Association
BDA Sign Community (for the deaf)
Bangalore Development Authority
BDA Opportunity through Insight
Put APD into Google and your site is 10th  after various items on:
APD air products
Army Publishing Directorate
Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Albuquerque Police Dept
Austin Police Dept
PECL Package apd (for debugging)
Auditory Processing Disorder in Wikipedia
and then APDUK
I guess it all depends on your meta tags ?

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Hi Beverley


Just out of interest what does NAPD stand for, you domain address is very close to one that I have For Auditory Processing Disorder in the UK (APDUK)

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best wishes




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Apologies for cross-posting.



The Closing date for bookings for the NADP Spring Conference is Friday 28th March.  There are still a few places available at this conference.


The Closing date to receive an early-bird discount for NADP Annual Conference is Friday 28th March.  The closing date for bookings for this event will be Friday 23rd May.



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