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List of articles which may be purchased:

Egyptology and Levantine studies

Vartavan (T. de), Christian (London and Paris).  Bes,
the bow-legged dwarf or the Ladies’ companion - a
revised unpublished study. 79-93 [BP&MOS 1]
Vartavan (T. de), Christian (Yerevan) Pistacia species
in relation to their use as varnish and “incense”
(sntr) in Pharaonic Egypt: 62- 92 [BP&MOS 2]
Winter (de), Walter (Leiden). The Presence of Hathor
in Temples of Late Bronze Age Canaan:a testimony of
cultural and trade relations between Egypt and the
Levant. 41-61 [BP&MOS 2]

Parthian Studies

Gaslain, Jerôme (Paris) Le bachlik d’Arsace Ier ou la
représentation du nomade-roi. 9-30  [BP&MOS 1]
Derakhsi, Hassan and Khademi, Farhang (Teheran) The
chronological occupations of Zahāk Castle on the
basis of three seasons of archaeological excavations
(2000-2002). 31-42 [BP&MOS 1]
Garibian de Vartavan, Nazénie (Paris) Les traditions
dynastiques parthes et le siège patriarcal en Arménie
au IVe siècle. 43-65 [BP&MOS 1]
Gaslain, Jerôme (Paris) Le statut royal arsacide a la
lumière du portrait imberbe de Pacoros. 9-20 [BP&MOS
Moosavi Jashni, Seyed Sadrudin and Khademi Nadooshan,
Farang (Teheran) Spectrographic study of Phraates IV
silver coins to identify Parthian coins insuance
standards. 21-28 [BP&MOS 2]
Annex 1: Isidore of Charax Parthian Stations. 95-98
[BP&MOS 1]
Annex 2: Conversion tables in miles and kilometres of
distances (schoeni) given in the Parthian Stations.
99-100 [BP&MOS 1]

Hittite studies

Mazoyer, Michel (Paris) L’abeille, le miel, la cire et
l’hydromel dans la littérature hittite. 69-78 [BP&MOS
Mazoyer, Michel (Paris) Les origines hatties de la
religion hittite. 31-40 [BP&MOS 2]

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